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East 13th Street

East 13th Street

Project Manager/Designer: Robert M. Scarano jr.

Completion Date: July 2005

Location: Midwood

Development in the Midwood section of Brooklyn has long since included the construction and alteration of many single and two family homes. Few if any small multi-family condominium projects have been developed since the majority of the community did not embrace this lifestyle. However, with the costs of land and homes at an all time high, the prospects of finding affordable housing has cultivated a demand for this building type.

A 40 x 100 city lot is the staple for residential development, and if zoned for higher density it can take advantage of the Condominium Development trend. With twelve units in total, these two six-family four story walk up buildings share a common elevator and a continuous facade. Square footage is use to a maximum through efficient use of space, high ceilings and loft spaces, complimented by large expanses of glass and state of the art equipment.

Each unit has access to outdoor recreation space or balconies. Metal paneling on the fa├žade provides a traditional contextual relationship while introducing modern design touches. Parking garages are used as a buffer from the street and relieves some issues of parking off site.

With the guidance of the quality housing program, 1014-1016 East 13th Street, fills the gap in the market, allowing entry level single or young couples or partly retired empty nester's a location with a bold architectural statement.