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Bedford Avenue

Bedford Avenue

Project Manager/Designer: Robert M. Scarano jr.

Completion Date: September 2006

Location: Williamsburg

Bedford Avenue is fast becoming a prime housing and commercial area for this burgeoning group. Long a major traffic artery, the avenue was modified to one- way northbound traffic several years ago in an attempt to relieve congestion and move vehicles to the downtown Brooklyn core.

A housing stock of older prewar apartment buildings, row houses and a mix of commercial and industrial buildings make the avenue an eclectic palette of facades, uses and materials.

It was paramount to create a mixed-use building, able to house large families and provide much needed commercial space. A building facade integrating contextual detailing in a modern package allows new and old to co-exist together.

Traditional materials of masonry and stone blend together with metal paneling and synthetic stucco. Distinct facades create a look attractive to residential as well as commercial owners. Outdoor space, including large roof terraces and balconies, provide an amenity, which is more a necessity within this religious culture.

The success of the project is enhanced by its ability to be contextual with its neighbors, helping to make a transition between the heights of the adjacent buildings.