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Bay Parkway

Bay Parkway

Project Manager/Designer: Ilana Kushnir

Completion Date: October 2005

Location: Bensonhurst

Bensonhurst is an older area of Brooklyn, with solid housing and commercial strips. Many of its residents are first and second generation immigrants, who settled here for its excellent public schools, variety of housing styles and eclectic mix of commercial establishments.

Bay Parkway and 65th Street have long been a stable residential intersection in the neighborhood. Sites for new buildings here are rare, and when one comes up it serves as a recipe for a successful development.

The creation of a mixed-use building containing two levels and a cellar, with a commercial base and apartments above, ensured a successful economic mix within the building.

Masonry, metal panels and curtain wall allowed the building facade to fit into the neighborhood, and make its own individual statement as well.

Giving all the apartments outdoor space and large rooms, the waiting list for purchase grew while the building was still under construction. Its close proximity to public transportation and shopping areas added to the demand for this development.