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4th Avenue

4th Avenue

Project Manager/Designer: David Blaustein, Melody Goldstein

Completion Date: March 2006

Location: Park Slope

The twelve story tower at 255 4th Avenue in Brooklyn is a pioneer in a major redevelopment that is taking place along this portion of 4th. Once known as "no man's land", the valley created by the slope down from Prospect Park and the Carroll Gardens hill, this area has been rezoned for high density residential uses, and buildings such as this 50,000 square foot residential development are transforming the area, turning it from a morbid industrial zone into a cohesive neighborhood.

At a construction budget of $14 million, this 280 dollar per square foot project will offer top notch options for informed buyers, with state of the art interiors and finishes. Structural steel skeleton and concrete plank construction allow for high ceilings, and apartment layouts that maximize glazed areas.

The exterior is largely composed of brick and aluminum, which are balanced to allow for maximum views, light and air, without compromising the residential characteristics associated with brick. The entrance along Carroll Street works to enhance the dialog of the building with the already residential side of the street, while the 4th Avenue fa├žade takes advantage of magnificent views of the New York Bay and Brooklyn skyline.