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447 Humboldt Street

447 Humboldt Street

Project Manager/Designer: Tamar Kisilevitz

Completion Date: October 2007

Location: East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Due to the unusual 125' depth of this narrow lot, it was necessary to set back a portion of the street fa├žade, in order to permit light to penetrate the length of the units within. An architectural framework fills the void left by the set back facade, implying a continuation of the building's volume, so as not to disturb the established street wall.

With only four stories filling the 55'-0" building envelope, all units in the building have two levels. The building's 10 units vary from studios to two bedroom apartments, all with areas of floor to ceiling glass. The open kitchens and 14'-0" high living rooms provide for an expansive interior for living.

The first story duplex units have recreation spaces with natural lighting, in the cellar below. The 125' lot depth is exploited thru excavation of the rear yard to the cellar level providing recreation spaces for two units as well as a separate studio space for one. Other units have access to large rooftop terraces at or above the first floor level. The two fourth floor units have private access to roof top terraces with views of the city skyline.