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Scarano Architect

34 Crook Avenue

34 Crook Avenue

Project Manager/Designer: Yury Yagudayev

Completion Date: March 2009

Location: Prospect Heights

Visit: Enriuque Brando

Due to an irregularly shaped triangular lot and an unusual array of surrounding conditions concerning adjacent buildings, the twenty-three unit, seven-story structure comfortably acquires the shape of the lot in order to appreciate the best and highest use. The front fa├žade expresses the directional interchange of an explicit relationship between two well-defined volumes.

Such distinction between the forms is reached through a variety of materials, colors, setbacks and vertical/horizontal defiance. The one and two-bedroom layouts enjoy private exterior areas such as balconies and/or terraces, top of the line bathroom and kitchen design, and large expanses of glass allowing vast quantities of sun light into the space. The building features a number of amenities new to the area such as accessory parking, an integrated, state of the art gymnasium with a double height ceiling, interrupted by a steel bridge that leads to the 400 plus square foot recreation room. By means of meticulous selection in materials and a conscientious analysis of scale, this condominium enjoys an innovative image yet stands respectful to the quiet residential character of the area.