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223-227 Maujer Street

223-227 Maujer Street

Project Manager/Designer: Roberto de los Rios

Completion Date: MAY 2007

Location: East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Due to the many projects to be created in this East Williamsburg community, Maujer Street Lofts were designed to present a "Mondrian Like" quality to the neighborhood. Vertical stone panel veneers were set apart from the facade by being placed outside of the plane of the surrounding glass walls. This stove surface is then overlapped by aluminum balconies, railings decorative metal trim. This layering of surface materials gives a collage quality to the building. Artistically, the facade composition is one of strength with delicacy.

The twenty four units are comprised of one and two bedroom loft style apartments.

Cable railings with mono stringer stairs capped in stone give a clean, contemporary look to the interior spaces as well. The metal and stone motif is carried throughout, unifying interior and exterior design.

The evolution of this housing type forms the basis for the next step in the development of this low-rise, walk up style of building, changing forever the perception that a rowhouse has to be ordinary to be functional.