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195-199 Humboldt Street

195-199 Humboldt Street

Project Manager/Designer: Tamar Kisilevitz

Completion Date: August 2007

Location: East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Visit: ANM Funding

Over the last few years, residential development has pushed into areas that have historically been zoned as manufacturing or commercial. This growth has been spawned by buyers looking for affordable housing, and those searching for opportunities for new development. Aided by the lowest interest rate in years, the two groups have contributed to one of the largest real estate booms in recent memory. Pioneering tenants and buyers are now welcoming locations which never would have been considered previously. "Marginal" or "fringe" neighborhoods are being targeted as prime sites, and new buildings are springing up at every available location.

This 25 x100 ft. lot has helped push development forward, allowing a building type which is economical to build and thereby affordable for buyers. Each of the four floors typically house two units, for a total of eight families. There is no elevator and no parking, which allows a greater percentage of the gross building to be useable.

The metal grillage and stone facade style of the structure is taken from the monumental buildings surrounding it. Blending with the character of its industrial neighbors creates a unique style of residential building, complementary to the open loft-style apartments contained within.