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Shore Parkway

Shore Parkway

Project Manager/Designer: Robert M. Scarano Jr.

Completion Date: February 2003

Location: Bensonhurst

Visit: Stop & Stor

This new 3-story, 35,000 square foot new building used for retail self-storage, is the seventh building created for this particular client. It was designed to accommodate local residents and businesses by affording them the flexibility of having a place to use for their growth.

The buildings' justify prominent location at the front of the site, use of color and signage have already brought attention to the area, encouraging the development of several large nationally known retail establishments on adjacent sites.

The energy and safety conscious design incorporates a sophisticated security system, interior loading berths, controlled access and motion sensitive lighting. In addition to secure storage while minimizing energy consumption, portions of an existing buildings block walls and foundations were incorporated into the design to minimize demolition, thereby reducing the adverse effects of construction on the site and the adjacent Gravesend Bay and its associated wetlands.